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bio natural peel 2B

Absolutely innovating, 2B Bio Beauty and its 0% acid, 100% natural peeling gets rid of all impurities of the dermis in an innovative way. 
Unlike other peeling treatments that only work on the surface, 2B Bio Beauty triggers the exfoliation process from within. 

Thanks to its innovative actives, the enzymatic care softly exfoliates the epidermis and cleans up the skin.
It is beneficial for those who want to retain a radiant complexion, to rejuvenate mature skin (pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines), to lighten the skin and for those younger or adolescents with oily or acne-prone or acne-scarred skin.

For those that suffer from oily acne prone skin, this treatment privileges the elimination of blackheads, acne spots and helps in regulating the sebum excess.

The Treatment: 
For Mature skins and Lightening treatment
:. As a 2 months cure, at a rate of one treatment every 2 weeks, 2 cures a year.
For Oily and Acne skins:  as
cure of 4 treatment sessions minimum according to the troubles, at a rate of one treatment every 7 to 10 days, 2 cures a year.

Cost is €54 each treatment.  
4 Treatments will be needed - 1 for FREE