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Coral Bay - Cyprus


Facial mesotherapy with the application of a micro tip dermaroller causes natural production of collagen and regeneration of the face without the need of a scalpel. The skin becomes firm, radiant and hydrated, painlessly and naturally.

This treatment directly tackles wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and eyes, and helps treat scars, whilst leaving skin radiant and deeply hydrated.

How is the treatment is applied?
Mesotherapy is a technique for the direct insertion of various substances in the middle layer of the skin known as the dermis, where there are fibroblasts that 
synthesize collagen fibers, elastic and reticular fibers. The method of microneedling mesotherapy is comprised of the transdermal delivery of active substances using a dermaroller - a specific cylinder with micro tips. These micro tips cause pinholes in the skin, resulting in the immediate and easy penetration of hyaluronic acid and vitamins in the deeper layers of the skin for deeper hydration. Meanwhile, the defense mechanism of the skin perceives this process as an injury, which immediately stimulates the healing processes that result in the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers. This will result in a reduction of surface wrinkles as well as in skin tightening.

Important details

The therapy restores signs of aging based on the normal reaction of the human body to external stimuli and minor injuries through the healing process. It is painless, but may cause slight redness on the skin that disappears quickly, so you can return immediately after treatment to your daily activities.

Cost is €75 each treatment. 
4 Treatments will be needed - 1 for FREE